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The Marwardies


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In the nineteenth century, a tiny community from the deserts of Rajasthan spread out to every corner of India. The Marwadis controlled much of the country’s inland trade by the time of the First World War. They then turned their hand to industry and, by the 1970s, owned most of India’s private industrial assets. Today, Marwadis businessmen account for a quarter of the Indian names on the Forbes billionaires list. What makes Marwadis so successful? Is it their indomitable enterprise, or their incredible appetite for risk? In this new book, (author Thomas Timberg), Jayashree tengshe (Translator) shows how the Marwadis rely on a centuries-old system for conserving and growing capital which has stood them in good stead, alongside a strong sense of business ethics which has earned them respect. Family businesses in general and the Marwadis in particular might have a vital role to play in shaping India’s economic future. This book tells us why….

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